Every morning I step into my studio as if I am stepping into a playground.

I love to take a surface, a stoneware clay sheet, fold it, give it a capacity, and create a container.

I  play with the rough and the delicate, the horizontal and the widthwise, movement verses stillness.

What attracts and drives me forward, is the contact with the material itself, the traditional forms and the way to unravel it. To be playful with it.

Eventually I find myself returning to the simplest form -

The vessel in its daily basic use. I find functionality close to my heart.

Maybe it's the place I came from - Jewelry Design at the Academy of Arts in Jerusalem, which makes me preserve a sense of technical and structural memory in the way I treat substance – welding surfaces together, folding it, regarding  the decorating process as a significant part of the vessels shape.

With time I allow the connecting lines of clay sheets to be more and more present.

what fascinates me about working with clay is the ability to leave one's impression, without needing it to be a final one. For clay is a living material, even after it is burned, changes keep occurring. It absorbs flavors, touches and looks.

each piece I make with love and attension.

All of the my pots are fired to 1200 c.

 so they are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe - Lead-Free

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